MEDICARE ADVANTAGE plans (known as Part C in Medicare) include all the coverages of Basic Medicare and much more. These plans frequently include drug benefits, eliminating the need to purchase a separate Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). Even better, in certain geographical areas these comprehensive healthcare plans are available without a premium. (You do continue to pay any Medicare A and B premiums, however. )

In contrast, to Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage Plans are managed care plans like HMOs. A medical group of primary care and specialty physicians provide care, along with related acute care hospital coverage. Seniors who choose a managed care plan usually do so for convenience, low out-of-pocket costs and the providers’ reputation for quality care.

In addition to coordinated care, Medicare Advantage plans deliver a wide array of benefits that go beyond Basic Medicare or Supplement plans. These added benefits can include:

  • transportation
  • podiatry
  • dental
  • home care
  • RN Hotline
  • hearing aids
  • chiropractic
  • acupuncture
  • in-home meal delivery
  • over-the-counter medicine allowances
  • gym memberships, and
  • personal emergency response systems.

With Medicare Advantage you can minimize your out-of-pocket expenses and avoid the costs that come with Basic Medicare or Medicare Supplement coverage.