PRESCRIPTION DRUG coverage can be added to Basic Medicare or a Supplement Plan. The timeliness of your purchase, however, is important: missing an enrollment deadline for this coverage can result in a premium penalty you will pay for all future years.

In order to assist in your selection of a Part D drug plan, Griset Medicare Solutions includes a listing of your routine medications in its research of ALL the available Medicare drug plans in your area. This expert research brings you the most cost-effective drug plan to go along with your other coverages.

The premiums you pay for this drug coverage transfer the risks of substantial future drug expenses to an insurance company.

If you’ve chosen a Medicare Advantage plan with drug benefits, you won’t need to purchase a separate drug plan.

This link explains a Part D plan premium adjustment related to income: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Health-Plans/MedicareAdvtgSpecRateStats/Downloads/PartDIRMAA2020.pdf

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