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Whether you are getting ready to become a Medicare beneficiary or already are one, we can improve your chances for achieving healthcare success as a senior. We measure success by helping you meet two key coverage goals: coverages that best meet your needs and benefits with the lowest possible cost. With many years of professional insurance experience, Dan Griset, founder of Griset Medicare Solutions, will coach you through the Medicare maze. We’ll navigate you through Parts A, B, C and D of Medicare and help you avoid the penalties that come with late enrollments. Put us on your side of the table and we’ll help you make smart healthcare decisions.


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Over 40 years of client-centered insurance services, Griset expertise has contributed to the success and financial resilience of the many individuals and businesses it has served.

The reliability of these personalized services is why so many of our clients count on us year after year.

Our professional commitment is to provide you Medicare insurance options that are tailored exactly for you. Those options typically consider five priorities: matching up with your senior lifestyle, linking you with the physicians and medical services you prefer, providing the medications you need, managing financial risks and minimizing coverage costs.

Please explore our website and learn about the Four Medicare Plan Options, the Three Steps for becoming a satisfied Medicare beneficiary and the Three Times when a review of your coverage can be advantageous.

Our goal throughout this process is for you to be a well-informed consumer of senior healthcare and to be a client who values the kind of long-term relationship where mutual trust and respect can grow.



Dan was recommended to me as a Medicare expert. He listened to my goals and came up with a very good Medicare Advantage plan that works for me. I couldn’t be happier to have someone who represents me in a complicated and changing Medicare marketplace!

– Randy S. –

Dan asked lots of questions to be sure he could recommend the best plan for us. He was very thorough in checking the medications that we take and being sure that our proposed plans would have the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Whenever we contact Dan about our insurance coverage he gets back to us quickly. We’re happy with our Medicare plans and Dan’s annual reviews.

– Nick and Linda S. –

Dan has provided excellent service to me and my family and we highly recommend him for all health insurance needs.

– Robert B. –

Dan helped us get new Supplemental coverage with better benefits at the same cost. We are happy now to have hearing, vision, and gym benefits. Our change of plans was seamless. We highly recommend Dan!

– Mike and Marilyn A. –

DanGriset was very helpful in providing information on the various Medicare drug plans that were available to fit my medical needs. Together, we reviewed the pros and cons of each plan My plan has supported my medication needs very well and has been economical too.
I would recommend Griset Medicare Solutions for any of your Medicare needs.

– Bill W. –

When I needed a drug plan to go with my Supplement coverage, Dan found a plan at an affordable price. He made the enrollment process easy and, as promised, reviewed my coverage a year later during the annual enrollment period. It’s good to have an agent who works for me, not an insurance company.

– Fidel G. –

My experience with Dan has been nothing but the best. I told him I needed to have good PPO coverage but at a lower premium. I am so pleased with my coverage and savings of $130.00 per month. Excellent service…..he really cares

– Jan S. –

Because of rising premiums, Dan helped me transition from a Supplement plan to Medicare Advantage. He helped me find a great health plan that is meeting my needs and saving me money. I appreciate his annual review, too.

– Kay M. –

I originally enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan by responding to an advertisement. When Dan explained the advantage of having a personal agent, I asked him to review my Medicare coverage. After reviewing all of the plans in my area, he recommended a plan with better benefits and no increase in cost. This taught me a lesson: it’s better to have an independent agent on my side who can enroll me in the plan that fits my needs.

– Ronny M. –

After 45 years with PPO providers, Dan was a big help in my transition into Medicare coverage. He explained the alternatives and enrolled me in a Supplement plan and drug plan that fit my needs. His solution significantly reduced insurance costs and provided a superior level of coverage. After the first policy year, Dan reviewed my plans and recommended a new insurance option that gave me better coverage and further reduced costs. I appreciate the way he is looking out for my best interests!

– Bob B. –

Dan was recommended to us and we’re glad we met. He brought to our attention a new Medicare Supplement plan that improved on the benefits of the plan we had. He explained those benefits clearly and we’ve been satisfied with the change. We’re glad someone watches out for ways to improve our coverage!

– Mark M –

After experiencing a serious enrollment problem with my previous Medicare coverage, Dan Griset was recommend as someone who might help me get the coverage I wanted. I’m glad to say that he got me properly enrolled in a Medicare Advantage PPO that allows me to keep my preferred medical care. I can recommend Dan as a professional problem-solver.

– Walter R. –

I really thought I was well informed about Medicare, after meeting with Dan I learned quite a bit and he helped me understand it better. The work Dan did to provide me with alternatives was impressive. I told him what I wanted and he delivered! Dan responds right away. I highly recommend him to anyone who will be turning 65, or just to understand Medicare better.

– Tish L. –

I was concerned about the cost of my medical insurance and wanted to have a plan that allowed me to keep my doctor and have access to my preferred hospital. Dan was able to recommend a plan that delivered on these requirements and also had good prescription drug benefits. He met with me personally and helped me understand Medicare coverage. Dan’s service and knowledge are excellent.  I recommend him to anyone.

– Don S. –

I highly recommend Griset Medicare Solutions if you need professional help in navigating Medicare. I am a retired executive who thought he knew enough about health insurance. I quickly found out that there are important choices to be made about all aspects of the Medicare program. Supplemental insurance, timing, qualifying issues require an experienced hand to avoid costly errors or bad choices. Dan Griset is immersed in the details of these programs and took care of everything. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

-DY –

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