Experiencing the challenges of advising Medicare-eligible employees on various coverage options, benefits, and costs?

Medicare Eligible Employee Consultation

You are not alone. The “Employers’ HR Guide: Timely Advising for Medicare-Eligible Employees” has been crafted specifically to help employers:

  1. Advise on when Medicare-eligible employees should evaluate options to avoid delayed enrollment, long-term penalties, and coverage gaps.
  2. Empower retirees to make educated decisions through a free cost-benefit analysis across all coverage options.
  3. Identify key questions from retirees that indicate additional healthcare coverage consultation may be needed.

Employer's Guide on Advising Medicare-Eligible Employees Free Guide

Yes, I Want Free Resources for Medicare-eligible Employees

    This free guide was created under our Medicare Solutions for Retiring Employees (MSRE) program. It has proven to be an invaluable resource to many employers.